Safe Studio Facts
All cleaning products are EPA approved, and CDC recommended
UV light is installed in the HVAC system
There is at least 3 feet of distance between students during class
Frequent hand hygiene, sanitizing stations located in every room
Enhanced and frequent cleaning in ‘high traffic” and “high touch areas”
Student bathroom is disinfected after every use

Checklist for Students BEFORE Coming to the Studio
If a student is feeling ill in any way, STAY HOME.
Bring a water bottle only (NO food).
Everyone must have dance shoes (or tumble shoes/non-skid socks)
Arrive dressed in appropriate dance attire, hair in a ponytail, headband or bun
Arrive no more than 5-10 minutes before class

Protocols and Etiquette at the Studio
All Students will remove street shoes and place them in a cubby, sanitize hands prior to entering the studio and after class leaving the studio.
Students will place their water bottle and mask on a taped spot along the perimeter of the wall (6 ft apart). Mask-wearing policy will reflect current county/state recommendations.
Parents must be prompt picking up their child as there is no seating or waiting area

As the NY State recommendations, and guidelines change, so might HDTC’s protocols.